A Tale of Seven Braces – Part III

A Tale of Seven Braces – Part III


So here we are working with brace #7 still. It has been sent back twice for repairs…

This last time, he actually snapped a knee hinge in half. It only took them about 3 weeks to get it back this time, versus the 6 on the first fix. He was able to wear his “boat anchor”, but it was modified to make it lighter. It is still heavier than the new one, but works not too bad.

We were hoping the manufacturer would swap out the hinges for better ones, but not so. Oh well, after it gets sent back every six months or so, they’ll get the hint that they are not dealing with a non-active individual…LOL

Praise the Lord there is a lifetime warranty on this one!

Published June 10, 2009 | By Angela Trenholm

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