A Glimpse of Perfection This precious little daughter That the Lord has given you, Will doubtless bring you more joy, As she smiles back up at you. How gracious a Heavenly Father, As on you such love He has shown. Entrusting you with another child, For you to raise up as your own. Each time you look upon her, Gives reason to remember; She is a special reward From your Heavenly Father. And as He is filling your quiver, With this great token of His love Take more time aside to remember, All His past blessings from above. Looking on God’s perfection; Remember, He makesRead More →

Are You Ashamed of Your Saviour? It can be a daily struggle to live the Christian life. It is easy to bow to peer pressure and the jeers of the lost world, and even to people who profess to be Christians, but in all practicality, deny the Lord by their life. As Christians, we should be ashamed of our own sin (that needs to be confessed daily in order to maintain proper fellowship with our Lord – not to keep our salvation) but then we must continue daily to fight the good fight for the Saviour. We do not; however, have anything to be ashamedRead More →

A Mother’s Paycheck When you get discouraged, About all there is to do; When chores just seem to pile up high, And you want to cry “boo hoo!” Pause a moment and consider, Before that great big sigh; Our reward is not of this earth, Nor does it have wings to fly. Should not we work all the harder, Knowing ’tis not of silver, nor of gold, But was planned for us by the Father, In bygone days of old? And one day when we enter, Heaven’s pearly gates, We’ll see our pay check was long in coming, But will know ’twas worth the wait.Read More →

Our Little One This poem is dedicated to “Our Little One”, who went to be with Jesus on May 21, 1997, after being in Momma’s belly for 15 or so weeks. In October, 1997, found out I was pregnant again, and gave birth to Abigail, June 1998, then Melissa, June 2001, and Carolyn Ann-Marie in October 2004. It is my hope and prayer that many find solace in the confident hope that their precious “little one” is with the Lord. But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return toRead More →