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Grandpa’s Here!

My dh’s father, Harold, arrived Friday night. It was been a year and a half since we saw him last, and we all miss him.

The last time he was here, we drove up to Terrace, BC (17hour drive) to visit some dear friends up there, then down¬†through Liliouet, BC to Vancouver to drop him off at his daughter’s place, so he could take the flight back to New Brunswick. Harold was just amazed at the landscape out here. I must admit, we’ve been in BC for 14 years and it is still pretty amazing.

The trip we are currently planning should be far more modest, only 6 hours, up to Trail, BC, to visit friends and view scenery. We haven’t been up that way since 2002, and Harold never, so it should be a pleasant trip. I’ll see about posting pics.

In the meantime, I have two wingback chairs that I need to do slipcovers for, so it’s going to be a VERY busy next few days as I try to get those done, or at least close to being done, before we go.

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