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Angela’s Wingback Chair Slipcover

What a big job, but I think it looks so good!!! I am so thrilled. Making a slipcover for this chair and ottoman were the pre-cursor to getting  a slipcover contract with a local company. This lady is so busy with dealing with customers and designing that she’s running herself ragged trying to get the sewing done.

So here’s my first attempt at a slipcover. I would have to pick what is apparently the hardest chair to do.

Wingback Chair Front

Chair front

Chair and Ottoman

Chair Front

Chair Back

Chair back

Skirt and Inset

Chair skirt and inset

I hope this challenges you to revive some of your old furniture that just needs a new cover!

5 Responses to Angela’s Wingback Chair Slipcover

  • debbie says:

    Angela, it’s hard to tell by the photos, that the cover is a beautiful textured green fabric; it looks kind of grey in these pics. Good job!

  • hskubes says:

    You did a wonderful job, Angela! Wow!
    I love to sew but a task like that intimidates me!
    I love how it turned out, though! Very nice.

    I love your header, by the way!

    ~ Christina

  • abtrenholm says:

    Thanks! Yes, I know the color isn’t showing up right. I need to find a room with better lighting, or take the pics outside. I’ll do that when it isn’t raining or snowing…LOL

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