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Adam & Eve’s Disobedience

From a Series on “Sin” from the book: as taught by Pastor Madle, March 16th, 2006
(This is a “fill in the blanks”. Underlined words are the answers.)

I.     The Man Who Condemened The Human Race -  Romans 5:12

A. The making of Adam  -  Genesis 1:26-2:7
1. Who made Adam?  God
2. Of what was Adam made?  The dust of the ground and the breath of God

B. The meaning for Adam.  red -  ruddy

C. The model for Adam
1. Adam was designed differently than animals.
2. Adam was made in the image of God.

D. The mandate for Adam.
1. Adam’s duties
- to reign and rule over the animals
- be fruitful, multiply & fill the earth
subdue the earth
- to dress (work) the garden
to care for the garden

2. What was Adam forbidden to do? To take of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good & evil

3. Why put such a tree in Eden? God wanted someone who would choose to serve Him.

4. What was Adam’s punishement to be if he disobeyed? “Thou shalt surely die.” – spiritually & physically. Genesis 2:17

5. Why did God place a penalty on mankind for disobedience? God is righteous & cannot look upon sin. He must punish it. He sets the rules.

II.     The Sin That Condemned The Human Race -  Genesis 3:1-7

A. The preparation for their sin.
1. Doubt -  Genesis 3:1
- Satan questions God’s Word – vs.1
- Satan contradicts God’s Word – vs.4, John 8:44
- Satan rationalizes (uses twisted reasoning)
2. Distraction -  Genesis 3:1,5
3. Discontent -  Genesis 3:6
- what Eve couldn’t have, do, be

B. The Act of Their Sin  -  1John 2:15-16, Jude 1:21
1. Unbelief - root of their sin - they stopped trusting God – Hebrews 13:5
2. Disobedience – Genesis 3:6

III. Result s of Adam & Eve’s Sin – Genesis 3:8-24

1. Adam & Eve – Genesis 3:7-8
- Tried to hide themselves from the prescence of God. Close fellowship was broken. Sin stood between them.
- Driven out of Eden

2. Eve – Genesis 3:16
- Sorrow in childbearing
- Husband would rule over her

3. The Serpent – Genesis 3:14
- Cursed above all animals
- Would now slither on the ground. Implication was he used to have legs

4. The Woman and the Serpent – Genesis 3:15
- Enmity between man & satan

5. The Ground – Genesis 3:17-19
- Ground is cursed

6. Adam – Genesis 3:19
- Will have to work very hard just to eat
- Will die (return to the ground)

7. Mankind – Romans 5:12
- All are made sinners, resulting in death

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